Dixie James Home Boutique HI, I’M ALLIE AND I’M THE DRIVING FORCE BEHIND DIXIE JAMES. Dixie James is an eclectic, modern store with a rustic, vintage edge — “modern farmhouse meets glam,” as I call it. Here, you’ll find a mix of pretty things for your home, unique gifts, and one-of-a-kind treasures. You’ll also find a team that cares about your individual style and wants to help you create a home you love.

Our customers often ask, “Who is Dixie James?” The name is derived from my family history. Dixie represents my Southern roots (my paternal grandfather was Texan); and James is from my maternal grandfather, Alvin James, who owned a chicken farm in Pennsylvania. These origins inspired my love for life, home, and family. They also influenced my design style and sparked my dream to own a store that focused on the importance of home.

Growing up, I was always fascinated by home design. While other kids were collecting toys, I was collecting paint chips and fabric samples. As I got older, friends and family would ask me to put things together for their home, often saying, “How do you do that?” I began to imagine a place where people who thought they couldn’t design, actually could — a place where they would be guided though the whole process.

My sense of style was honed at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, where I studied Visual Communications. And it was further developed at Long Beach City College, where I focused on Interior Design.

In April 2016, my dream was realized when I opened Dixie James. I always imagined Dixie as a person herself, a blend of the women who support and inspire me. She is the woman who is nonstop, hard-working, feminine, and effortlessly chic. She is a mother, a woman with ordinary challenges, but who is wildly passionate about her craft, her life, and her sense of self.

Of course, there is one woman who will always be the most important in my life — one who never quits, who has run her business and household for more than 33 years; a woman of faith who is the strongest woman I know. She also gave me the creative gene. She is my mother. For me, she embodies the Dixie spirit.

So please, browse around this site and get to know us. Even better, stop by the store and say hello! We look forward to meeting you and learning about the ways you want to make your home special. After all, we want you to love where you live.
Dixie James Home Boutique
Allie Wilson
Owner, Dixie James